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The wealth of the City

zeleni3Venerdì 14 e Sabato 15 giugno 2013
Presso il Centro Interdipartimentale “Alberto Calza Bini” – Via Forno Vecchio, 36 Napoli – IV piano.

Locandina seminario Milan Zeleny

Professor Milan Zelený has been associated as visiting professor with the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Naples over some twenty years. This summer, he comes to present three seminars on the theme  „Wealth of the city and its future“. His focus is on the changing contexts of Grand Transformation, From Globalization to Re-localization and Local Self-Sustainability, as well as the concepts of Industrial city and Entrepreneurial university, both from the global entrepreneurial heritage of Jan A. Bata. Analysis of the prewar architecture of the city of Zlin, its usefulness and functionality for current re-localization trends, is also presented. At the same time, Prof. Zelený is member of the Scientific Board of the journal Aestimum (University of Florence press) and will publish the three seminars on this journal.

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